The JMC models available based on loading capacity are 2 Tons, 3 Tons, 4 Tons and 5 Tons and the series available for purchase are New Carrying ( 2 tons & 3 tons) and Convey (4 tons and 5 tons).

Their respective models as listed above are JX1032, JX1041, JX1052 & JX1090.

The fuel type being used by all the models listed above is Diesel.

The wheelbase of the vehicles are 2490 mm, 3360 mm, 3360 mm and 3815 mm respectively.

The Overall Dimension LxWxH for the vehicles respectively as listed above is 4735 ×1690×2040 mm, 5955 ×1880×2140 mm, 5955 ×2040×2280 mm and 6745x2230x2460 mm.

The Drop Side Size LxWxH are 3100x1565x380 mm, 4220x1780x380 mm, 4100x1940x380 mm and 4740x2058x550 mm respectively.

The engine of the vehicles are (4JB1, 2.8 L, 77 HP and 4JB1, 2.8 L, 77 HP) for New Carrying and (4JB1, 2.8 L, 84 HP & YC4E140, 4.3 L, 140 HP) for Convey Trucks